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Secret's Out! How Business Debt Relief Really Works

Michael Fletcher May 13, 2024
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With 89% of businesses having low annual sales, debt plays an important role. Debt is necessary for keeping businesses moving forward.

Small businesses should always keep in mind ways to improve their finances. Taking on debt can often lead to serious consequences. These can include failure in meeting payroll and falling behind on lease payments.

These can lead to dreaded collection calls and even business failure. In order to combat the side effects, there are options available.

What Business Debt Relief Really Is?

The term business debt relief is thrown around in many ways. This can often cause confusion. Business debt relief covers anything that helps businesses with their finances.

It also includes paying off creditors and avoiding bankruptcy. Debt relief is often used for small businesses over their head in debt. Debt relief is also for those wanting to lessen the burden of their debt.

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Types Of Relief: Consolidating vs. Refinancing vs. Settlement

Common forms of business debt relief are consolidating, refinancing, and settlement. The terms consolidation and refinancing are used interchangeably.

Debt settlement is significantly different. This often confuses people on what they actually mean. While they are similar, there are some differences.

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Debt Consolidation

Many businesses have many small high-interest loans. That has come to be known as debt stacking.

This results in not qualifying for one large loan. Debt consolidation involves combining several smaller loans into one.

This may lower payments.  Unfortunately, very very few qualify for consolidation. With consolidation, you may have to put your home, car, or even business up as collateral.

This is very risky and people opt to stay away from this method.

Debt Refinancing

Refinancing is the act of taking out a lower-interest loan to pay off a previous loan. This is a common practice if interest rates drop.

Refinancing can help wipe old debt clean. It wont reduce debt, but it can potentially reduce the interest rate. In some cases, your debt can go from short-term to long-term payments. This can in turn lower the regular monthly payments for a business.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is different in one main way. The main difference is that settlement actually reduces total debt.

The other methods work on combining payments or getting a lower interest rate. Settlement is much better, as you can actually have your debt reduced. For example. A debt load of 40k can be potentially reduced down to 20k. This is an actual reduce in total debt, so you walk free of 20k.

What’s Best For Your Business?

There are many ways to handle your business debt. Just make sure you know the terms of all your outstanding loans and cash advances.  The best choice would be working with debt relief advisors.

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This will be the best way to get out of your situation. Some services focus on combining payments into a single payment.

Some focus on reducing your actual total debt load. Some services focus on both! If you need assistance, or just information, don’t be afraid to reach out. This company can help you get rid of debt. So reach out before it’s too late.