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Eliminate Your Merchant Cash Advance Debt

Michael Fletcher February 14, 2024
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Running a small business is hard. Having enough supplies to meet demand and enough cash to buy supplies can be tricky. And, not all companies qualify for a loan.

Many companies turn to Merchant Cash Advances. They are similar to traditional cash advances. A lender provides a certain amount of money and receives a part of future sales.

These types of loans allow borrowers to offer a cut of future sales or make daily, or weekly, payments. The creditor take money directly from your account. Depending on your factor rate, a number assigned to determine risk, you could pay significantly more in fees.

SHORT VERSION – TL:DR: If you need help with getting rid of debt- the best option is

The troubles business owners face…

High fees can make it difficult for businesses to repay the debt and run their company.

How to get rid of your merchant cash advance debt:

If you are drowning in this type of debt, it may feel like you will never pay it off. You could close your business and close your business account. However, lenders can pursue legal action if you default on your loan. This is the last option for most business owners.

If you want to save your business, but are worried about keeping up payments, there is another option. Getting help through Creditors Relief.

There is a real option

Credit Relief:  A popular choice is to work with a professional company that has experience dealing with creditors. Creditors Relief’s professional account specialists look at your financial situation.

They study your debt, income, and current payments. Then they create a personalized program to help reduce your monthly costs. You will have more money to put towards your business.

This type of program can help stop calls from debt collectors and free up money to pay employees and purchase necessities.

Creditors Relief is able to cut your expenses by up to 50 percent. Even if you only save 30 percent on monthly bills, that is still money to use elsewhere. They even offer a free review of your account!

They tell you if they can help you save money so you can make an educated decision.

Check out Creditor’s Relief to see if they can help you find more money for your business.